Special Edition Book Launch – Google+ for Small Businesses

Join Google+ marketing expert (and small businessperson)+Lynette Young for a discussion on the unique and creative ways your solo or small business can take charge of your online brand and content without spending a lot of time or money. Lynette will be hosting a panel of small business owners to discuss the need-to-know items about why Google+ is the place to start and grow your business online!

About the Book

“Google for Small Businesses” helps you target the specific tasks that’ll deliver the greatest and most immediate returns, and execute on a tiny (make that non-existent) budget, even if you have practically no technical expertise.

This book will help you discover how to:

  • listen, search, and scope out your Google+ environment
  • connect and network with Circles
  • create, teach, shorten sales cycles, and close business with Hangouts
  • collaborate on Pages to make your offerings even more valuable
  • build a winning business profile
  • use Events
  • leverage Google+ integration with Google Search
  • add value to your client’s day
  • attract qualified referrals

You can purchase the book at most online retailers. A video recording and slides will be available after the show for viewing.

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