Upcoming Shows

While the idea for Media Chit Chat started in 2010, it took a few more years for the technology online to catch up to the ideas for the show!

Media Chit Chat will be hosting weekly live video streamed shows via Google+ featuring interviews and conversations with some of the biggest names in media.

What types of media and technology will be covered on Media Chit Chat?

  • blogs / podcasts / video (written, audio, visual)
  • social media
  • augmented reality
  • transmedia storytelling
  • digital photography, art & publishing
  • music / television / movies / print
  • marketing & advertising – digital & interactive & content-based
  • information technologies (good ol’ IT)
  • digital marketing & advertising

We will be distributing the Media Chit Chat shows via audio podcast as well as YouTube video, but you are of course welcome to watch live!

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