Ask Me (Almost) Anything Media Chit Chat Podcast Show

In the spirit of kicking off the podcast again & answering a ton of email questions at the same time… would you be interested in a “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” show that covers marketing and technology from my point of view? While I don’t want to fire up the podcast JUST to answer questions but I thought it might be a good once a month topic that I can tackle.

Media Chit Chat Ask Me Almost AnythingThe inspiration partially comes from Reddit’s AMA where topics and guests range from Bill Gates to Neil deGrasse Tyson (GEEK LOVE) and even Peter Dinklage (“GOT” LOVE). I’m also a huge fan of Amy Vernon’s #SMetiquette.

There are nearly 100 emails sitting in my inbox asking me questions on how to do certain things (within marketing and technology) as well as my opinions on topics in the industry. The questions go unanswered and I really feel bad about that. It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s that I could spend all day – every day – answering emails instead of working.

So with that I’m going to start sorting through the more recent questions and see what I can produce via podcast. Catch me on Twitter or in the comments to ask me (almost) anything!

What I’m Wondering? – Connecting With Your Social Graph

Gathering “friends, fans & followers” is a common goal on social media platforms (it’s really part of a tactic, but I digress…), but are you DOING anything to actively communicate with those people? Here’s my “What I’m Wondering?” thoughts on the topic.

Webmarketing123 State of Digital Marketing Report 2012

I’m confused… if B2C (business to consumer) marketers generating leads or sales via LinkedIn report a 75% increase since last year, but the number reporting sales from Facebook has declined nearly 20%, why are they still dumping 65% of their budget into Facebook?

Listen. LinkedIn. Google+. These networks work wonders tactically if you know how to use them. Honestly Facebook and Twitter can still be mined for gold if – and only if – you know how to do it. That means NOT doing what you did last year. Yes, you may have had an amazing year (or maybe you didn’t) but duplicating your outcome depends on not duplicating your efforts.

This industry shifts every quarter. Taking ‘lessons’ you learned in 2010 and putting lipstick on them will no make it a worthy prom date. Please I’m begging you. As consumers you bore us with tried and true safe tactics. Don’t be sheep. Be brave. Be unique. Be different.

2012 State of Digital Marketing Report - SEO company, Webmarketing123
Click to download full report.

Upcoming Shows

While the idea for Media Chit Chat started in 2010, it took a few more years for the technology online to catch up to the ideas for the show!

Media Chit Chat will be hosting weekly live video streamed shows via Google+ featuring interviews and conversations with some of the biggest names in media.

What types of media and technology will be covered on Media Chit Chat?

  • blogs / podcasts / video (written, audio, visual)
  • social media
  • augmented reality
  • transmedia storytelling
  • digital photography, art & publishing
  • music / television / movies / print
  • marketing & advertising – digital & interactive & content-based
  • information technologies (good ol’ IT)
  • digital marketing & advertising

We will be distributing the Media Chit Chat shows via audio podcast as well as YouTube video, but you are of course welcome to watch live!

Back on Track for 2013

After a crazy summer of book writing, client work, Google+ and an unexpected surgery – Media Chit Chat is back on the calendar! Keep your eyes and email on the lookout for new shows and some major announcements.

Thanks for sticking with us!