Facebook Pages By The Numbers

Facebook Pages are a great way to attract visitors and generate ad revenue - for Facebook. So what exactly is the benefit of using Facebook Pages for YOUR business? A Recommend.ly study of 5.7 million Facebook Pages shows that business users are … [Continue reading]

Holiday Hashtagging & Pinning

Hashtags. Contests. Best of's. Recaps. Roundups. Resolutions. On this episode of Media Chit Chat your host Lynette Young will be talking about some ways to use both Twitter and Pinterest to position your business to rise above the holiday noise and … [Continue reading]

Upcoming Shows

While the idea for Media Chit Chat started in 2010, it took a few more years for the technology online to catch up to the ideas for the show! Media Chit Chat will be hosting weekly live video streamed shows via Google+ featuring interviews and … [Continue reading]

Back on Track for 2013

After a crazy summer of book writing, client work, Google+ and an unexpected surgery - Media Chit Chat is back on the calendar! Keep your eyes and email on the lookout for new shows and some major announcements. Thanks for sticking with us! -- … [Continue reading]

A Conversation with Amber Mac

Amber Mac has been a powerhouse in digital media since it was called 'new media' back in the day. Amber is a tech, geek, podcaster, writer, journalist, author and above all else a vibrant and intelligent online media producer. We are delighted to … [Continue reading]